Message From Conference Chair Advocate D. Saravanan

The benefits of education.

Respected Academicians, Scholars and Creators,


Tamilunltd is collaborating with OISCA International, Tamil Nadu State Chapter, World Tamil Software Open Community, NJ, and educational institutions such as The Standard Fireworks Rajaratnam College for Women (Autonomous), Sivakasi. Parvathy’s Arts and Science College, Dindigul, Sri S. Ramaswamy Naidu Memorial College, Sattur and Tamil e-magazine sites namely Vallamai and Muthukamalam, Nagore Tamilsangam in organizing a conference 2020 – on Education.

The benefits of education would not only mean the paybacks to an individual but also to the society at large when such individual advances in multiplicity. When the Society goes up with higher rates of literacy, the levels of education tend to be healthier in terms of economic stability, greater equilibrium, civic involvement, health consciousness, sustainability of cultural and traditional richness and lowering down the crimes against society and individuals. People with an education can think well stretching the mind and pushes one to do better. Educated persons would be fascinated to expose themselves to a diverse set of people and ideas globally. Educated individuals that enter the workforce will put their knowledge of climate change into company policies, leading to increased sustainability. A society that is well educated feels a higher sense of unity and trust. Women with an education have better decision-making capabilities and are more likely to take charge of their own lives. Every literature, history and invention of past were recorded by the educated intellectuals and education alone is going take such things forward in future. Every paradigm shift with education. The ‘common book of world community’ by Thiruvalluvar says about eternity of education as follows:

ஒருமைக்கண் தான்கற்ற கல்வி ஒருவற்கு
எழுமையும் ஏமாப்பு உடைத்து.
which means a man who acquired his learnings through education in one birth it will yield him pleasure in his 7 births.

Through the gained knowledge of education, OISCA has been contributing to the development of the world society through Capacity Building, Rural Development, Environmental Conservation, and Children`s Forest Program (CFP) and several hundreds of students were educated on the importance of environmental conservation and protection through tree planting and seminar/workshop activities.

With this short note, I would like to welcome one and all to the Conference 2020-Education.

Yours Sincerely,

D.Saravanan, President

OISCA Tamil Nadu State Chapter

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