Mrs. P.Muthulakshmi,

Assistant professor of Computer Applications,

The Standard Fireworks Rajaratnam College for Women, Sivakasi.


The mobile application entitled “A SMART ASSISTANT FOR EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” has been developed to make the college staffs, students, and parents has been into a single platform. A mobile application is designed to integrate academic information and course information. Students can have access to campus activities, class schedules, attendance, time table, event and quiz. The faculty can manage course as per the schedule, conducting quizzes, and preserving e-books & notes for learning. Parents can also view their children’s progress.

Keywords: Mobile Edu App, Mobile ERMS, Educational tool, E-Learning.


In the classical methos of education, the students must be in their regular classes and take notes for their future reference. Most of the faculties teach the students with a board and chalk method. But now a days learning through mobile promotes the teaching and learning method much easier than before covid 19. Learners are more interested in online learning and evaluation process. Not only faculties and students, the parents also keep track of their son’s or daughter’s progress through these mobile applications.


At present, students are now ready to learn through online therefore all notes and question bank related books and material should be offered for the students, till now many colleges are not offering this facility. The parent can’t get any intimation from college directly from management or faculty. The manual circular won’t reach all students and thus there may be a lack of reaching the intimation. The internal and external mark of the students are maintained in manual entry which take more time and retrieving the needed details.


The application should be designed to fulfill the needs of both staff and student to intimate all the academic details in smart manner. The E-Book as per the subject should be viewed by the student and the needed E-Book can be downloaded from anywhere. The time table for both online and offline need to change frequently therefore it become a huge problem in sending the update and notification to students. The attendance for both online and offline class are maintained in manual process, which will be risky task for faculty members in retrieving the details. The android application should support all android versions and this will help the students to make use of the application without any delay or error.


The overall entries in college are maintained in manual process which takes more time in retrieving the needed student details. During this time, all teaching process become online therefore maintaining all records in online will be more beneficial which is not available in many colleges. The students are now ready to learn through online therefore all notes and question bank related books and material should be offered for the students, till now many colleges are not offering this facility. The parent can’t get any intimation from college directly from management or faculty.


In proposed system the overall entries in college are maintained in online therefore the records can be filtered and retrieved at any time and from anywhere. At present all teaching and events are proposed to conduct through online. Therefore, maintaining all records such as student profile, online class attendance, exam result and other event details through online will be more beneficial which is not available in many colleges. The students are now ready to learn through online therefore all notes and question bank related books and material should be offered for the students which can be viewed through mobile app. The parent can get any intimation from college directly from management or faculty.


1)          Admin Module

The admin module contains,

  •  Course Management
  •  Student Admission
  •  Student Attendance
  •  Exam Management
  •  Timetable Management
  •  Event Management
  •  Holiday Management
  •  Fees Management
  •  Conduct Quiz
  •  Top Students Intimation
  •  Notice board Management
  •  Student Enquiry
  •  E-Material / Books
2)         Student App Module

The student App modules contains,

  •  Student Login
  •  Check Attendance
  •  Exam Alert
  •  Check Result
  •  View Teacher Profile
  •  Check Student Growth
  •  Holiday Table
  •  Circular Notification
  •  Attend Quiz
  •  E-Book / Material


1)          Course Management

The admin can include the standards provided in the college. The details about students, material, and other academic details are recorded. This will be very useful for the students to check the details in their mobile app.

2)         Student Admission

The admin can add details such as student’s name, parent’s information, contact information, login data like username and password. The registered student can sign in to the mobile app. In this way, the admin easily checks the student’s details at any time.

3)         Student Attendance

The attendance for the student as per the date and class is recorded in the database. The faculty can select the classes which fetch the overall student roll no. The details such as class, date, roll no, and attendance status are recorded in the database. The admin can also download the attendance details in an excel sheet.

4)         Exam Management

The details of upcoming exams with the date are recorded. The admin can modify or remove the details at any time. The students can view their exam timetable on their mobile app as per their classes.

5)         Time Table Management

The timetable details as per the class are loaded in the database. The details regarding class name, day, teacher-in-charge, and time duration are added to the database. If the timetable may modify by the admin the students will see the modification instantly by their mobile app. It will be very helpful to the teachers as well as the students.

6)         Event Management

Through this page the admin or staffs can insert the upcoming event data such as event name, date, and description of the event. The added details can be viewed by the parent or students through the mobile application.

7)         Holiday Management

The overall holiday schedule is uploaded smartly with details regarding the date and purpose of the holiday. The parent can smartly view those details through a mobile app.

8)         Conduct Quiz

The faculty can conduct a quiz for their subject to students online. The details regarding quiz questions, options, and answers are uploaded to the database. The Quiz timing was also mentioned by the faculty.

9)         Top Student Intimation

The top student’s notification regarding their achievements in academic and extracurricular activities is recorded by the class staff in charge.

10)      Fees Management

The details regarding the fee for every class get added or updated by the admin. As per the students, the fee details and remaining fees to be paid are updated.

11)        Student Enquiry

The students or parents can send an inquiry to the admin which can be viewed and replied to take necessary steps in a short time.

12)      E-Material / Books

At present all classes are taken online therefore all students are ready to learn online. This page helps to upload material and e-books for the students as per the class. The material can be downloaded for the students to learn at any time.

Student’s modules

1)          Student Login

The student can enter the mobile app by entering a valid username and password. The login page allows only the authorized user to view the student details securely. Thus, only the registered student as per the class can enter into the app to view the details.

2)         Check Attendance

The parent or student can view the overall month as a date schedule. The absent dates are highlighted as red and the present are highlighted as green. This helps to monitor the students smartly by the parents.

3)         Exam Alert

The overall upcoming exams are viewed as per the date by students and parents. This helps to prepare for exams in the initial time. This will be very helpful to the students to know the exam details.

4)         Check Exam  Result

The mark scored by each student in the exam can be viewed by the parent/student through a mobile app. The details regarding paper name and mark scored are viewed smartly from anywhere online.

5)         View Teacher Profile

The parent can view all teacher profiles who are all working in college. The detail contains the teacher’s name, photo, class in charge, and contact details. This helps the parent to contact the teacher directly to enquire about the student at any time.

6)         Check Student’s Progress

The overall student growth under academic and extra circular activities can be viewed by the parent through a mobile app. This helps to know the status and current improvement of the student.

7)         Holiday Table

This module shows the upcoming holiday table with the date and description. The user can smartly view overall details.

8)         Circular Notification

Any urgent intimation or any other notification can be intimated directly to the user through this module. The management does not need to make a call for circulating the emergency alert. This module will fulfill the needs.

9)         Participation in Quiz

The authorized person can attend the quiz which gets uploaded by the admin. The overall question with options is viewed by the users. After attending the quiz, the answer is verified automatically and published the result.

10)      E-Book / Material

The overall books and materials are viewed by the student through a mobile app. As per the class and subject, the material can be downloaded


When carried out the abovesaid needs ,the android mobile app will be student centered. The interface  with have two columns and six rows. This table will have appropriate images that represents student’s profile , a calendar, a place to get the information about the exams,  and the results of the exam. For the easy access of the student, the information about their teachers, and the educational progress, college events, national holidays, educational fees will have separate icon and access  profile of the school will also be easily accessible, When a student logs in or tries to access any of the information  listed on the homepage, he will be prompted to enter  his user name  and password. He can  add his picture or avatar in this profile settings.

When most of the information is text based the Exam icon not only give the student information about the exams. They will be able to take the exam based on their course. All their subject matter will be clearly listed and differentiated by color. Every step of the way, the students will be asked about his choices , so he can re think and confirm. On the instructor side they will be able to see each of the student’s activity , their exam answers. The teachers will be able to grade the exams as well as post their comments.


Thus, the application helps to build a bridge between the parent, student and college management in smart manner. The application is developed in smart manner therefore any user can make use of the app in effective manner. All student’s related details are recorded in the database therefore it can be retrieved from anywhere in smart manner. At present all teaching and learning are becoming online therefore this implementation helps to fulfil the needs of both college management and parent. The parent can monitor the son / daughter performance and can check the growth in academic and extra circular activities in perfect manner


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